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By Jennifer McCollum 12 Nov, 2016

A recent report in Critical Health News by Ben Fuchs (Pharmacist) talked about CDD’s (chronic degenerative diseases) being related to gut health.

His teaching is what I have been saying for years: stop harmful foods, reduce trigger foods, move the lymph by rebounding (jumping on a miniature trampoline), walking, breathing deeply, drinking clean water & using Turmeric to reduce inflammation.

I’d like to comment in addition to his comments, that it is also imperative to note the importance of water to act as a solvent that breaks down larger molecules and helps us move blood and lymph, clean and plump cells, and remove waste out of the channels of elimination.

By Jennifer McCollum 12 Nov, 2016

Curcumin, the active ingredient in Tumeric, is good for infections, inflammation, metabolic and immune disorders, dental health (gingivitis), psoriasis, thalassemia (inherited blood disorder), PMS, exercise induced soreness, diabetes, anxiety and depression, and colitis.

It is my firm conviction that the plant has all the ingredients to buffer harsh chemicals and aid synergistic responses when used wholly instead of stripping constituents and using them in an isolated format. Using tumeric longa as a whole root is more beneficial than the isolated curcumin form.

By Jennifer McCollum 12 Nov, 2016
  • A Food Allergyis an immune response to a certain food that has built up Immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies against that food. When this food enters the body it stimulates a reaction that results in the release of histamines. Symptoms can include rashes, itches, stomach pain and breathing difficulties. In sever cases it can be life threatening. An epi-pen (epinephrine injection pen) is prescribed to the individual to handle these life-threatening incidents.

By Jennifer McCollum 01 Oct, 2016

Folate is a B-vitamin found in leafy greens that prevents neural tube defects in developing fetus’. Spina-bifida is a neural tube defect, meaning the brain, spine and nervous system did not develop correctly. Four hundred micrograms of folate is recommended to prevent neural tube defects.

In a recent article in JAMA Pediatrics (June 2016), a study of obese mother’s with low folate levels were predictive of obese children. To prevent obesity in children optimal folate levels should be maintained during pregnancy by taking plasma readings before & during pregnancy.

Recommendations from the study maintain that the serum plasma levels should be 22 nm/L. See your personal physician for further information and evaluation.

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