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By contacting Dr. McCollum, you can find information about health products that may be beneficial to you and your specific health needs. Dr. Gem offers advice about a variety of medicinal herbs and natural treatments, and Three Moon Herbals carries many of these products, some of which can be specially designed for your individual needs.

In addition, Dr. Gem sponsors the products of several companies, including Purium for detox, BulletProof for enhanced brain energy, Longevity Health for nutritional drinks with many times the bioavailability of vitamins and minerals found in supplement and raw forms, and the skin and other health products with high quality essential oils offered by Young Living. Dr. Gem also supports the work of Mannatech, a company that researches and produces health products for glyconutrient therapy, Nabrudipad’s Allergy Elimination Technique aka NAET, the allergy elimination technique, as well as the Blood Type Diet, and the research conducted by the nutritional pioneer, Dr. Peter D’Adamo. For make-up and body products for the family, that are free of dangerous chemicals I recommend Beauty Counter. You can see links on the links page.



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